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There’s a whole lot you can do with a Squarespace website. From integrating videos and photo galleries to displaying graphs and complicated charts, the options are limitless.

However before you can make that happen, you will need to understand how you can edit your site and a few tips and tricks that will make the process easier.


If for example, your goal is to modify any one of the following: background colour, font type, size and colour, site width/spacing, navigation style and sidebar visibility, you are going to make use of the style settings.

To accomplish this, click on Design – Style Editor. In the style editor, there are actually several customization options, which differ depending on the template.

The Squarespace Style Editor

To modify any one of the items, simply click the coloured dot or arrow close to it and options will spread out. For instance, a colour picker will appear to change the colour or a drop-down menu to modify typography. Ensure that you click on “save” in the upper left corner of the screen as soon as you’re successfully done with the editing.

One final helpful hint: When you hover over an element on your site, it is going to be surrounded by blue lines as the style editor is open. Just click that section and the styling options for that element will appear in the sidebar. Click “Show all” to uncover all the options once more.



As soon as you are logged in, your Squarespace site would have two states:

State 1: Expanded or Full Screen

In this particular state, your site will act exactly as it would for any user who clicked on your link. You simply will not be capable of editing your site or gain access to the Squarespace options, even when you are logged in, except if you do one of the following:

  • Press the escape key (ESC), to collapse the frame, or
  • Click the arrow in the upper-left corner of the frame, to also collapse the frame.

As soon as you click on this, your site will shrink.

State 2: Shrunken.

In such a state, you have complete access to the editor and all Squarespace settings.

To edit a specified page, simply click Pages in the menu and then select any page you like.


While you are in the shrunken mode, you will discover that a little black box shows up with the option to edit or change settings any time you hover over a page of your site.

As soon as you click “edit,” the frame will expand to full screen, and the section of the page you can edit will be highlighted, while everything around it is going to be greyed out.

You could go ahead and type in new text, or hover over content blocks like images or galleries to bring up the editing options for those: Hover over the image, and click “edit” in the black box


This is the final, most crucial aspect of editing your Squarespace site. To put in a content block, first ensure your page is in edit mode. Move your mouse along the left-hand side of the page just on the outer edge of the text and you will see an odd shaped dot appear.


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