How to create a Squarespace Website

How to create Squarespace Website

The years of getting along without a website are far gone also; the days of engaging highly-priced Web developers to create sites have become a thing of the past. Thanks to online website builders, businesses are now able to create sites and grow their businesses on the internet — without any complex coding skills required.

Squarespace is a build it yourself website, blogging platform and web hosting service, it helps businesses and organisations of all types build professional websites with the service’s easy to use drag-and-drop interface. Squarespace also offers all the tools needed to run websites, from SEO to complete e-commerce solutions.

Organisations can start building their website on Squarespace in three easy steps:


To get started, go to and simply click the “Get Started” button.

After that, select a template that perfectly suits your company or organisation. Limit template themes by choosing one of Squarespace’s recommendations, like templates for businesses, stores and even restaurants in addition to portfolios for professional photographers, designers and other creatives.

After deciding on a template, you can view what the website really looks like by clicking on “Live Preview.”


As soon as you choose a template, simply click “Start with this design” to begin the process of setting up your website. Squarespace can then prompt you to create a totally free account by typing in your first name, last name, e-mail and password. As soon as you create an account, Squarespace will highlight a short opening video on the fundamentals of using the service. Your template will load the same as the live preview, as sample content. On the bottom left, you can actually choose to either create a page similar to the template or take it off to start from scratch.

Creating the various parts of your website is dependent on your theme and the kind of content you’d want to add, the basic concept is always the same. Include pages using the navigation panel on the left, and incorporate elements using the buttons on the upper right. To edit elements, just click on them to change content.

To preview your masterpiece, simply click the “eye” icon on the upper left corner. Site management tools are as well found on the same panel that allows you to edit your site title, view site visitor statistics, configure advanced settings for ecommerce websites, etc.


To make your site live, you’ll require a domain. If you are ready to publish, simply click the “Upgrade Now” button and secure a zero cost custom domain from Squarespace with one of the following service plans:

  • Standard — for people who require a basic website, this plan starts at $8 monthly and offers twenty webpages, galleries and blogs, five hundred GB bandwidth, 2 GB storage space and two contributors granted access to parts of the site or account.
  • Unlimited — Squarespace’s most in-demand plan starts off at $16 monthly and comes with limitless pages, galleries and blogs; limitless bandwidth and storage; unlimited contributors; along with a developer platform for more advanced Web developers.
  • Business — This plan is ideal for businesses that require a fully built-in e-commerce solution. Starting at $24 monthly, the Business plan consists of an online store with limitless physical, digital and service products without any transaction fees; inventory tracking; tax, shipping and coupon controls; limitless pages, storage, bandwidth and contributors; in addition to a developer platform and mobile store.


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