Squarespace CMS

Squarespace CMS

Setting up a website without in depth web development experience is getting easier these days, many thanks to content management systems (CMS) platforms that offer the ability to develop, design, and customise stunning and engaging sites with little or no code.

Setting up a site with a CMS has amazing benefits: site owners have an opportunity to update their site very easily and quite as often as they desire. Even typical administrative tasks—things such as publishing content, SEO optimization, plugins, and dealing with multiple users—typically demand minimal or virtually no programming experience. There are numerous CMS platforms available ranging from drag-and-drop solutions such as Wix and Squarespace, however, we would limit our analysis to squarespace CMS.

Squarespace is a recent entrant into the web publishing market. It main benefit is its user friendly set up, making it very simple and fast for just about anyone to produce a high-quality website.


This is where Squarespace actually distinguishes itself from other CMS. It’s not an overstatement to say that it’s easy to build a high-quality website on Squarespace in thirty minutes; Squarespace is completely cloud-based which means there’s practically nothing to download or install. You simply visit the site and start designing. As soon as you’ve picked a template, it’s simple to make basic edits making use of Squarespace’s drag-and-drop interface, SquareSpace’s editor allows you to see exactly how your site will appear as you edit, hence, if you’re an exceptionally visual thinker or don’t understand how to code, this may be an important asset. In addition, Squarespace handles hosting and maintenance, which can be a great advantage for people or teams that do not have the competencies or resources to continually maintain a site.


With regards to customising a Squarespace website, your choices are limited, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. When creating your Squarespace site, you can actually choose between large numbers of templates, these templates change the appearance of your site without changing the code.

Every Squarespace template is made for a particular type of site, split up by themes like business, wedding, restaurant and so on. All of them have a similar aesthetic–modern, and classy. Considering the fact that all Squarespace templates are made by their in-house design team, they’re all top notch and mobile responsive.
With regards to functionality, some third-party developers do offer commercial plugins, there are some things that you simply can’t do on Squarespace. This should be a consideration for commercial sites that rely on memberships or that want to use payment processors other than Stripe.


Where would you go to once you have questions about your CMS? Squarespace has an impressive knowledge base of article content and videos in addition to community forums and live-chat support five days per week from 3am-8pm Eastern Time.

Once more, because the Squarespace platform is completely cloud-based, there’s never anything to install or update. If Squarespace ever goes down, this means that your site goes down with it too.


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