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Squarespace is a user-friendly platform for developing a business website, to get up and functioning in a comparatively short time frame. It has an assortment of beautifully-designed starter templates which makes adding and editing content a surprisingly simple process. Squarespace also offers an eCommerce solution, to sell products or receive donations.

Getting Started

Follow these steps, to build your site:

Go to Squarespace and click the “Get Started” button on. The websites would give you two options: set up a basic website or build an online store. If you intend to sell products, choose “Online Store.” In case you are just building a business website, click select “Website.”

Choose a template. You may filter the existing templates, positioned under the page banner to check various templates created for businesses, musicians, restaurants, and other different departments. Choosing a template doesn’t lock you in because it allows you to change it whenever you want to.

After selecting your template and responding to a couple of questions, your free trial account will be set up and you can start customising your website.

Selecting the best Template

Squarespace provides more than a few templates, some are more convenient to customise than others.

Listed below are few templates to consider:

Hayden is a clear-cut template that targets the use of big visuals and clear messages. It is extremely flexible and makes use of images to help split sections of content on the homepage.

Five is appropriate for a company that might have an overabundance of content than what the Hayden template can work with. It has an even more traditional menu that isn’t dependent upon the photo used on the main banner.

Fulton is a superb template but a little bit more conceptual than the previous two. It makes use of a mobile navigation icon, to pull up the full-screen menu.

Editing Content

As soon as you have developed your trial account and decided on a template, start by editing the default content, changing it with your own. To edit content, simply hover your mouse over areas of copy or images and click on the edit button. Adding images is equally as simple: Squarespace offers a number of “blocks” that enable you to pick a spot on the page and put in images or galleries.

Ecommerce Functionality

Putting in a product page to your website enables the eCommerce function. The system can list products physical items to ship, digital items, like downloads, or services like an evaluation or service inspection.

Squarespace makes use of Stripe for payment processing, which charges zero monthly fees and a standard fee of 2.9 percent in addition to 30 cents per successful transaction. This really is great for businesses just starting out as it helps to cut substantial fees usually imposed by credit card payment processors.

Third-party Integrations

Squarespace offers built-in connections to third-party services providers like Dropbox, OpenTable (for restaurant bookings), and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, you can push blog posts to social networks straight away and pages from the site to tabs on Facebook.


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